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Multichannel communications

Multichannel Communications

Ever-increasing volumes of data and information are flowing in and out of your business. You’re conscious that customers expect quick, accurate and consistent responses.

There have never been more ways to connect with customers, such as phone, letter, email, online, video and social media. These channels are often managed in isolation, without a seamless approach to provide a single joined-up experience.  Your business reputation and competitive success is under threat, unless you control and manage your customer engagement.

Your challenge is integrating customer interactions. Capita Intelligent Communications will help you create connected experiences that drive success right across your organisation, as well as with your customers and suppliers. Incoming and outgoing communications across multiple channels are linked and connected. Your paper-based systems can be converted to a digitally driven environment; your customer correspondence, payments and invoices can be processed; composition and fulfilment of personalised print, email and text can be better managed.

Our aim is to deliver a seamless, consistent and personalised customer experience through the integration of these channels. This enables you to deliver the right message at the right time in the right way.



In a world of multi-channel communication it’s crucial your message is heard, from designing a paper based bill with legislative information clearly communicated, to e-statements with call to actions or SMS reminders . It’s imperative that you produce clear messaging that your customers can understand so they are engaged in the right way, reducing call centre queries, increasing revenue generation and enhancing the customer experience, all while remaining on brand.

With first-hand experience of producing communications for both private and public sector clients we know what works. We have the ability to turn raw or pre-composed data into individually targeted personalised communications. We’ll provide you with templates that receive and process your data, enhancing customer relationships and helping you reach your business goals.

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Document Composition
Document Composition

Document composition

Dynamic document composition allows you to produce complex, personalised documents using an automated workflow. It speeds up production time, lowers production costs and improves your customer relationships.

The way we work is to integrate our capabilities with your systems, so you get a full view of your customer communications – and this means you can see where and how to be more efficient as an organisation.

Whether you need to send out simple text messages, welcome emails or more complex documents such as statements and financial schedules, Capita Intelligent Communications can help you create a wide variety of transactional and business-critical communications. Using the best available technology, these can then be scheduled for specific times, tailored for whatever channel you need.

You may need to change many different types of correspondence and send them out quickly. For that, you’ll need our ‘self-serve’ option that allows you to manage your content and document templates. Our solution enables you to gain control with online and automated previewing, proofing and approval processes.

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Your customers expect to have flexibility in when and how they interact with your organisation. When they receive communications from you they expect them to be relevant and personalised.

Our solution allows you the flexibility to tailor your communications according to the individual preferences of customers, in a way that also meets your own business needs. Our fulfilment service enables content to be delivered digitally via email and SMS alongside, or instead of, paper messages.

Transactional mail is produced using the latest digital printing and wrap equipment. This enables the entire contents of your mail piece, including the envelope, to be personalised to the recipient. This personalisation can be used to apply tailored content or ‘nudge’ messaging, which promotes positive business and customer outcomes.

All messages created whether as inputs or outputs are reconciled in real time, providing assurance that all communications have been created and sent as intended. This capability is supported by extensive reporting options and is particularly valuable to clients operating in regulated markets.

For organisations whose communications are subject to ongoing and frequent change, the time and effort involved in identifying and applying changes can be frustrating and costly. Our communication platform can overcome these challenges by enabling authorised users to preview all intended output and to make changes through a secure online portal.

Whether your current communications are paper-based or paperless, the flexibility and accuracy of our service can help you improve operational control and enhance customer experience. Please contact us to learn more.

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Hybrid Mail
Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail

Creating and dispatching office mail using desktop printers or traditional mailrooms is an inefficient and costly exercise.

Valuable hours can be taken up printing and collating mail pieces. Franking charges are expensive compared to other postal tariffs. In-house operations often struggle to maintain quality levels and audit trails of the correspondence sent to customers. This can often have a negative impact on customer experience and become particularly problematic for businesses operating in regulated environments.

Capita Hybrid Mail enables users to streamline the print and mailing of communications and maintain brand management. Your staff simply create the document they want to send, and load it to our solution. Approval features put you in control of what’s sent to customers.

Printing and enclosing takes place in a secure facility to assured quality (ISO 9001) and information security (ISO 27001) standards. Items dispatched through the service are consolidated and sorted to benefit from the attractive postal rates we enjoy as a volume producer.

Protecting customer data is critically important. Our solution is hosted on secure servers and all print files are encrypted to preserve their integrity and security.

Comprehensive daily usage and expenditure reports provide you with visibility of how your business is using the service. This keeps you in control at all times and provides you with a fully auditable trail.

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Professional services

Making the move to a digital organisation isn’t always simple, so you’ll need the right people to guide you along the way. Our teams support you from concept development, delivery, stabilisation all the way through to an established account.

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We relish a challenge, so if you have an issue, an idea or roadmap to fulfil, you’ll get a timely and cost-effective solution – delivered in partnership.