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Digital Document

Document Management

The sheer volume of data and information that passes in and out of your organisation creates a daily challenge. How do you search quickly for the right information and can you share documents across distributed teams? How do you manage legacy systems? How do you ensure you’re meeting regulatory standards?

Our digital document management solution offers a GDPR-compliant high-performance service to store, transform, search and present digital content from any source.

It will integrate seamlessly with your workflow allowing the documents to become easily actionable in a secure way. It supports the effective archive and retrieval of documents as well as ensuring appropriate disposal.

By managing the capture, storage, transformation, processing and multichannel delivery of data and document output, our solution can help you to reduce operating costs and improve business efficiency.

Retention and retrieval
Retention and retrieval

Retention & retrieval

We offer a flexible and scalable document warehouse solution for the storage and retrieval of digitised records. Documents can be viewed, commented on, passed to workflow systems, printed, emailed – but never changed.

Data is stored securely and accessed instantly on the web, via email and mobile devices. In addition, we provide search tools that support users with the rapid retrieval of information, saving your organisation time.

Customised user access permissions and data management ensure the right person has access to the correct documents at the right time.

The solution can be used to gain and retain categorised access to any format of digitised record, including legacy archives.

The document warehouse provides a secure, ISO27001 accredited repository for customer information. All the time it ensures that the data retention periods meet both GDPR requirements and your business needs.

By using our API and web service integration, it delivers content directly to your business systems without the cost and disruption associated with changing your core business applications or interfaces.

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Organisations are often encumbered with multiple legacy systems that produce customer communications in a variety of formats.

Our digital document management solution can transform your organisation’s data by providing the correct content, file format and delivery channel required, according to business need, document content or customer preferences. This is even where the data logic and code of the created documents has been lost or is unclear.

Working with our expert design service, you can fast-track the improved appearance of customer communications and channel choice with minimal impact on current operating procedures and business resources. This is particularly beneficial to regulated businesses.

Our aim is to improve customer experience by providing communications that are easier to understand and offer alternative response channels.


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Digital documents perform a critical role in every organisation. The process by which they are routed, delivered and prioritised is often essential for a positive customer experience and efficient organisation.

Our digital document management workflow helps you to reduce operating costs, improve business efficiency – and ultimately customer experience – by enabling the automation of many of the low-level admin based back office tasks.

User actions or pre-determined system events can trigger responsive communications to customers through our customer communication platform. This results in the automated delivery of the right message at the right time through the right channel.

Our solution supports the automatic compilation of scheduled reports. These can be sent to individuals at specified times to improve insight and aid decision making. Captured data can also be integrated into Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to inform business processes and provide control.

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Professional services

Making the move to a digital organisation isn’t always simple, so you’ll need the right people to guide you along the way. Our teams support you from concept development, delivery, stabilisation all the way through to an established account.

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We relish a challenge, so if you have an issue, an idea or roadmap to fulfil, you’ll get a timely and cost-effective solution – delivered in partnership.