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Notebook & permit scanning

Notebook & permit scanning

Scanning and data capture can speed up the ability to share, access and process documents. We digitise hard copies such as CEO notebooks and permits using leading-edge image processing and data extraction technologies. This provides you with fast and easy retrieval of all attendants’ pocket books for secure, quick, user-friendly access to information.

Each year we scan over 240 million pages, using the latest digitisation technology and automation for accurate and efficient processing. The resulting electronic files are securely transferred to our clients or alternatively the data is ingested directly into their systems via APIs. The service can interface with all PCN and image workflow systems.

Additional services


We offer physical document archive and retrieval in our secure records management warehouses. These are managed by experienced security screened staff working to ISO certified processes.

Electronic document management

We also offer flexible and scalable electronic document management systems for the storage and retrieval of digitised records. Data is stored securely and accessed instantly on the web, via PCs and mobile devices. Customised user access permissions and data management ensure the right person has access to the correct documents.


Our locations are secure and our processes robust, with services regularly audited to ensure your data is protected


Our automated processes provide you with an efficient service to ensure notices are issued or responses are sent within the required timeframes


Our sophisticated technology, from multiple cameras throughout printing to optical character recognition used for scanning, ensures high levels of accuracy