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Correspondence handling

Correspondence handling

Organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver highly efficient communications. Customers now expect an immediate reply from companies. This provides an additional challenge on top of mandatory requirements to respond to vehicle owners within set timeframes.

We can help by processing your customer correspondence quickly and effectively; whether it’s an enquiry letter, appeal email or a payment. This results in lower costs, faster handling times and better customer service for you. Our digital mailroom service helps organisations to be responsive to enquiries by processing post, emails and web forms from their customers, members of the public or suppliers; allowing our clients to provide a service to people however they choose to communicate.

Digital mailroom

We provide a scalable and flexible service which involves: prioritising your incoming mail (ensuring that it meets SLAs and your regulatory requirements), digitising any hardcopy paper content, intelligently extracting key data, analysing it and directing relevant, timely information into your organisation.

All correspondence is delivered to dedicated PO Boxes. The mail is then security screened before being opened. Mail and digital forms will be quickly processed with key data extracted. Validated and digital copies will be sent to you to expedite the handling of this data and downstream processing.

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Automation provides accurate and efficient processing of both digital and physical incoming mail. Automated capture of PCN number plus name and address for example means significantly faster processing. The resulting electronic files are securely transferred to our clients or the data is ingested directly into their systems via APIs. Alternatively, our fully hosted service enables approved users to securely access an electronic document management system where digitised documentation is filed for them to search, view, annotate or action as they need.

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Additional services

Cherished document handling

Our secure service ensures that cherished documents, such as passports, drivers licences and visas, are processed as efficiently as possible, before being returned to the sender.

Payment processing

Many of our clients benefit from payment processing whereby we record, validate and bank £1.5 billion pounds in cheques each year.

Goneaways / returns

We offer a returns handling service for undelivered mail. This involves identifying why the mail item has not been delivered and who the addressee was.


Our locations are secure and our processes robust, with services regularly audited to ensure your data is protected


Our automated processes provide you with an efficient service to ensure notices are issued or responses are sent within the required timeframes


Our sophisticated technology, from mutiple cameras throughout printing to optical character recognition used for scanning, ensures high levels of accuracy