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Cheques & bank documents

Cheques and bank documents

As an established supplier of corporate cheques and associated banking documentation our MICR printers produce around 3 million cheques per year.

Work for our clients includes the production of a cheques such as: housing benefit, creditors cheques, payroll, Bank Giro and refund cheques. With a number of regulated clients we also produce a variety of documents such as financial or pension statements for them.


All production is carried out on our C&CCC (Cheque & Credit Clearing Company) approved site. Our services are regularly audited and tested to ensure they adhere to exacting industry standards.

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Multichannel communications

Our ability to provide traditional print solutions alongside a choice of channels such as text, email or online, enables us to support clients’ digital journeys as part of a step change process.

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Our locations are secure and our processes robust, with services regularly audited to ensure your data is protected


Our automated processes provide you with an efficient service to ensure notices are issued or responses are sent within the required timeframes


Our sophisticated technology, from mutiple cameras throughout printing to optical character recognition used for scanning, ensures high levels of accuracy