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Digital Phoenix -Transform to re-emerge

Many organisations have been forced during the pandemic to manage a distributed workforce, scattered by location.

Your teams may be working apart but that does not mean they can’t work together, to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

Digitally transforming the way your business operates is key to surviving the current climate. But are you ready for this?

Our Digital Phoenix package can support you with your digital roadmap – providing you with the tools to help transform your business, whether it is for on site or remote working.

What is Digital Phoenix?

We have combined two of our solutions (Hybrid Mail and Digital Mailroom) to provide you with a full end to end process, without your employees having to go into an office.

  • In just a few clicks, your users can create their own document and send via email or post, from their laptop/PC, using company approved and branded collateral.
  • We receive post and emails from your customers and process these incoming communications, digitising content, intelligently capturing data and directing relevant, timely information back into your organisation.
A complete digital communication channel.
Let’s take a closer look…

Capita’s Hybrid Mail transforms the time consuming and costly process of printing and fulfilling letters, forms and statements in an office/home environment, to an easy touch-of-a-button solution.

Your staff simply upload the document they want to send to our solution. These documents are then securely transferred to Capita where they are consolidated into optimised batches for print production and postal discounts. Alternatively, you can choose to send them via email.

But what about your incoming customer correspondence or the undeliverables? As a specialist provider of digital mailroom services, we can help you deliver operational efficiency and maintain excellent customer service.

Capita’s Digital Mailroom is a collaboration of key solutions that automatically recognise inbound communications (traditional mail, email, fax, SMS and web traffic) then process according to its type.

We provide a scalable and flexible service for receiving and processing incoming communications. Covering correspondence handling, application management, payment processing, accounts payable, security document handling and return and goneaway management. Every piece of it is converted into a digital file before being sent on its way electronically to the person who needs it, on-screen and ready for action, from 8am!

We can also help with goneaways / returns, by identifying why mail items haven’t been delivered and who the addressee was. Combined with a tracing service we can find the correct address and allow databases to be updated.