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Maintaining high levels of efficiency wherever you work

Security Watchdog is the industry leader and subject matter expert in all areas of international pre-employment screening and risk mitigation. With a global client portfolio, underpinned by customer service principles, they have an unrivalled range of pre-employment screening solutions, offering background checks of every kind, in any combination to their clients.

With a move to a shared office space and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in governmental guidelines restricting employees from working onsite at offices throughout the UK, Security Watchdog partnered with Capita Intelligent Communications to process incoming mail and print and despatch of their outgoing communications.

This has allowed Security Watchdog employees to continue their work remotely, without having to go into an office, and to uphold and deliver their high levels of efficiency.

As Security Watchdog were transitioning from their old office to the new shared office space, the UK was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in employees working from home. This caused a problem for Security Watchdog as their customer correspondence was still going to the office.

To try to manage this, they appointed specific members of staff to regularly travel between the two offices (old and new) to manage their inbound and outbound post.

As a highly diligent business, this was not an ideal solution for Security Watchdog. They approached the incumbent facilities management company at the new office, to see if they could manage their mailroom operations. Unfortunately, their requirements were too complex for them, so Security Watchdog approached Capita Intelligent Communications.

Capita helped the organisation by providing customer correspondence processing and delivery as part of a Digital mailroom service.

Mail items are received, converted into searchable digital files and routed directly into the correct workflow for the client. Hard copies of documents are archived, to be easily accessed for audit and customer service purposes. Retention and secure destruction is carefully managed.

Without access to offices, the business was only able to print and despatch documents once a week when their allocated member of staff went onsite. Capita were able to offer a Hybrid mail solution, which would allow all employees to send customer documents remotely.

Security Watchdog employees can now print individual letters (or send documents via email) from a predetermined set of templates, customisable with specific customer information.

These are then uploaded to an approval portal which ensures the users print request has been authorised by their manager. Once approved the documents are then securely transferred to Capita, where they are consolidated into optimised batches for process and despatch.

Management Information reports provide full visibility of what has been sent out, to what customers and by whom.

Implementing a Digital Mailroom and Hybrid Mail solution has enabled business continuity


Allows full remote working with no compromise to the business

Increased efficiency, agility and speed of response to customer

Significant cost savings – Digitising and automating processes reduces costs throughout the organisation

Improved tracking/reporting – Comprehensive reporting and tracking provides organisations with an instant audit trail

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