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Changing the way you work

In 2006 Birmingham City Council (BCC), the largest UK authority in the UK, formed a partnership with Capita Intelligent Communications. We provide all print output for various council departments including council tax, benefit and business rate notifications allowing BCC to deliver their services in the most efficient, cost effective way along with supporting changes in business demands.

During the 14 year relationship the Council has faced financial pressures and reductions in staff numbers. This has driven efficiency improvements which have changed business
requirements to channel shift and push self-serve. Working in partnership with us has allowed BCC to deliver their services in the most efficient, cost effective way along with supporting changes in business demands.

Capita have supported Birmingham City Council with a team providing knowledge and expertise on Council activities and across the wider public sector. We have ensured that we are best placed to innovate, keep pace with the changing business demands and work as a trusted partner.

Printing in bulk at Mansfield’s printing facility has transformed the way mailings, particularly daily and annual billings, are executed to their customers. By storing all artwork and data digitally and printing via multiple production processes for efficiency, provides tangible cost savings for the Council.

Services provided to BCC are reviewed monthly to ensure they are aligned with Council requirements and always deliver the best possible quality and value for money.

By partnering with Capita Birmingham City Council have:

  • access to full mail pack tracking & MI. Through our production integrity any pack throughout the production process can be tracked, allowing us to provide real time updates along with critical pack management
  • redesigned documents making information easier to read, digest and action
  • digitised files which have been converted into a format enabling them to be incorporated into an existing Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) ensuring that Council staff have instant access to digital files
  • access to print procurement providing cost savings, even on small print runs

The key benefits achieved resulting from this partnership were mainly due to Capita’s attention to detail and vast experience in their field, together with excellent communications between Capita and Birmingham City Council.


Improved customer call handling – Council’s Contact Centres can access customer correspondence online, enabling them to provide a better customer service

Redesigned correspondence –customers were better able to understand their documents which decreased the volume of calls into the Contact Centre

Flexibility – flexible production options to meet the different needs of the various departments within the council

Increased staff productivity / Cost saving – Converting paper documents to digital files has freed up staff to spend more time on core activities and reducing storage costs

Print management – access to a single source supplier list who are fully monitored and audited

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